We offer a full line of replacement filters, parts, and hardware for the dust collection and gas turbine filtration products of Donaldson ®, DCE ® and Torit ®.

Filter Cartridges & Bags
DuraAer Eon Fine Fiber Hydrophobic
UNI-BAG DA Series Vari-Pak XE
Vari-Plus XT DuraPlus FibreAer
AerTex DM Series DC Series
Vari-Flow XP Vee Bag
Bags Motor Gasket
Fan Wheel Clamps Hose
Centrifugal Mist Collector
Throwaway liners Primary media Secondary media
Exhaust grill filter Sock filters
Carbon Filters
Aluminum Activated Carbon Fiberglass
Other Equipment
Weldair Series Smokebuster Aerbench
Aerbooth AmbientAer 2000 Aerplus Extraction Arms
Aertable Electrostatic Precipitators

Filter Cartridges
Ultra-Web ® II Cellulex ™ Fibra-Web ® Ultra-Tek ®
Endura-Tek ™ HEPA Filter Unicell EZ Ultra-Web ® II
Thermo-Tek ® Torit-Tek ™ Eon ™ Fine Fiber BonDura ™
Vibra Shake ™
Cabinet EZ Filter Packs Cyclone MIC-PIC
TH1500 Mist collector Lint collector
Fume Exhauster
Filter Retaining System
Auto-Lok Ultra-Lok
Pulse-Jet Dust Collector
Bags Cages Frames Valves
Chamber Exhaust Stack Attenuator
Broken Bag Detectors
Environmental Control Booths
Gas Turbine