N RotoClone ® Generic Water Eliminator

Universal Air Products offers a generic replacement Water Eliminator for the AAF ® N RotoClone ® Hydro-static Precipitator.

  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Regular 5 and 8 Vane Models
  • Special Half Height Design available

N RotoClone Water Eliminator (Small) N RotoClone Water Eliminator (Half Height) N RotoClone Water Eliminator (Large)

* Universal Air Products is not an authorized dealer for American Air Filter Company Inc., d/b/a AAF International. All replacement parts for American Air Filter ® / AAF ® products that Universal Air Products sells are generic replacements for AAF ® OEM parts.

Are you having problems removing and cleaning your Water Eliminators?   We can help you with this problem.  We offer a half height version pictured above right which eliminates the need for two people to perform required maintenance.  This 12x30 Water Eliminator is specially designed to replace the 24x30.  It reduces the weight in half to make removal, cleaning and replacement easier.  2 of the 12x30 units are required to replace each 24x30 unit in either Galvanized or Stainless Steel depending on application.  Call today for more details.