Universal Air Products offers a generic replacement Chain & Paddle Assembly for the AAF ® N RotoClone ® Hydro-static Precipitator.

  • Paddles are riveted to links not bolted
  • Will assemble with stainless steel cotter pins if required for your application
  • Will custom build the length or paddle and link spacing per your specification

generic N Rotoclone chain and paddle assembly equipment item

Do you have an immediate need to replace your broken or worn out chain and paddle assembly?

We can ship next day from stock most sizes of generic replacements to help minimize your down time. Most specials can be shipped in less than 1 week.

Are you going to do a complete rebuild of your sludge ejector?

We also have in stock generic sprockets, bushings, retainers, and shafts which can be shipped right along with the chain & paddle assembly. This keeps you from having to stop and wait until these parts come in during your rebuild.