We can supply you with the following generic parts as well as many other parts not listed for your Size 8 W Rotoclone ®.

UAP Part NumberDescriptionQuantity RequiredAAF ® Part Number
5000037-003Impeller Assembly111581-003
5000022-001Impeller Shaft113236-002
5000217-001Shaft Seal Spacer110228-001
5000220-001Shaft Seals21433572-001
8001219Solenoid Valve (Brass) NEMA 4
8002167Pressure Switch1
8001093 *Spray Nozzle (Brass)1Inlet
8001156 *Spray Nozzle (Brass)1Auxiliary (Impeller)
8001123 *Spray Nozzle (316SS)1Inlet
8001171 *Spray Nozzle (316SS)1Auxiliary (Impeller)

* Either Brass or Stainless Steel required depending on application, not both.