We can supply you with the following generic parts as well as many other parts not listed for your Size 48 N Rotoclone ®.

UAP Part NumberDescriptionQty RequiredAAF ® Part NumberArrangement
5000289-011Chain & Paddle Assembly116024-015C
8000994Upper Sprocket216046-001C
8000964Upper Shaft w/keys1868026-001C
8000973Retainer Assembly2879072-001C
8000967Lower Shaft2879080-001C
8000991Lower Sprocket4879098-001C
8000985Bushing Assembly2896365-001C
8001189Portlight12351286-001C D
5000277-005 *Impeller 48" (Painted)12136853-005C D
5000277-010 *Impeller 48" (SS)12136853-010C D
8001753Access Door 19x27416049-002C D
8001060Access Door 27x27316049-003C D
8001393Door Gasket 19x27452010-002C D
8001063Door Gasket 27x27352010-005C D

* Either Painted or Stainless Steel Impeller required depending on application, not both.